AI needs Journalism and PR


AI technology has seen exciting advancements during the past couple of years, and it has fundamentally changed how journalists and PR professionals do their work. In this talk, I introduce recent breakthroughs in NLP and computer vision, how these innovations have changed the media industry, and why the AI industry needs input from journalism and PR more than ever.

Feb 16, 2022 11:00 AM
CA 041, UNC-Chapel Hill
Heesoo Jang
Heesoo Jang
Social Science Researcher

I’m enthusiastic about learning how people think and talk about technology and which factors influence them to do so. Through my research, I aim to address the multifaceted impacts of AI systems and digital platforms on people and society and their implications for democracy. More specifically, I look into the discourses, framing efforts, and ethical issues of AI technology and digital platforms.