Platform (In)Justice, A Call for a Global Research Agenda


This panel calls for a global conversation around platform (in)justice. By focusing on the experiences of marginalized communities, particularly those in the Majority World (also known as Global South), we aim to redefine justice and injustice through a global lens as opposed to a Western-centric lens. Our panel will delve into the socio-technical realities of platforms as experienced by users and those doing the AI labor behind the platforms, recognizing platforms’ tangible impacts on individuals and society. We invite the CSCW community to engage with five cases (involving Afghanistan, India, Korea, South Africa, and broader Latin America) that highlight the complex cultural, socio-economic, and political impact of technological systems on different social groups. With the Majority World as a framework of study, we explore locational forms of justice, and most importantly, open a discussion on structural solutions for platform injustice from the Majority World. Through our panel conversations, we aspire to shape a global research agenda for platform (in)justice, a focus area that can bring together expertise that is currently scattered across the CSCW community.

Oct 17, 2023 4:30 PM — 6:00 PM
The 26th ACM Conference On Computer-Supported Cooperative Work And Social Computing
Heesoo Jang
Heesoo Jang
Social Science Researcher

I’m enthusiastic about learning how people think and talk about technology and which factors influence them to do so. Through my research, I aim to address the multifaceted impacts of AI systems and digital platforms on people and society and their implications for democracy. More specifically, I look into the discourses, framing efforts, and ethical issues of AI technology and digital platforms.